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We all know that you need a will to make sure your home and other assets go to the ones you love when you're gone. But a Will is only one part of the story. You may be shocked to learn that there are many ways your wealth can be eroded during your lifetime, which means there may be substantially less for your family to inherit when you've gone.

Illness, provision for long-term care, probate costs and other challenges can all have a serious impact on your wealth.


We provide you with a proven framework to make sure you keep the wealth you've worked hard for.



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We are a firm who specialise in will writing and estate planning in the West Midlands. 


All our services are provided to the highest legal and ethical standards. All our work is fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance and is conducted under the Code of Conduct of The Society of Will Writers and Estate Practitioners where applicable.


We operate a full complaints procedure.

All costs and options are provided after our initial meeting.

Why do I need a Will?


Having a Will ensure's that your final wishes are met and that your loved ones are taken care of. Please find below several scenarios where it is vital that you have a written Will that has been properly executed to protect your loved ones:


I am married

There is a chance that your civil partner or spouse may not automatically inherit your estate without a Will in place.


I have children from a prior relationship

If you have married since the relationship that produced your children, your estate will go to your current marriage leaving your children out of it. A Will will make sure that your wishes are kept and your children are taken care of.


I want to be in control of my estate

If you do not have a Will in place, the state can take over and decide who the beneficiaries are which can potentially leave out loved ones who you want to inherit from you. A Will keeps your final wishes in your control.


I own property

This circumstance is probably the most important one. You will need to designate who you choose to inherit your property after your death. This will also serve to protect your share against potential government collection to offset any final bills or costs incurred for your care.

I have new grandchildren

Adding your youngest grandchildren to your Will ensures that they will inherit something directly from you.

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